Welcome to HCL #8

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Welcome to HCL #8

Post by UKOriginal on 1/7/2015, 23:45


and welcome to another edition of the Haxball Champions League. After smajo, Kagawa and BlekKobaz left the tournament as admins, the new HCL admins will be UKOriginal (Head-Admin), Aguero(Head-Admin), William(Head-Admin), MadWorld(Technician) and Rynhark (Support). There will be some new modifications in this upcoming HCL edition and hopefully we can provide a fluent competition.

So after the website has been launched, the community check-in is now currently in process. All players, who want to participate in the HCL, need to have a forum account on this website, so please sign up as soon as possible.

1. Schedule

We did not release an overall schedule yet, because we are aware of the fact that in a couple of weeks in most european countries the summer holidays are going to take place. Some players already told us, whether they would welcome a delay of the HCL start, others informed us that they are impatiently waiting for the HCL, also because their league has already 1 or even 2 finished seasons queued. 

We feel the best way to find a solution to start HCL #8 is that we as the majority of the players, could be an open discussion about the start of this upcoming HCL. The national community admins should ask their participating teams and leave a comment here under this news, if you have any suggestion about the schedule. Please understand that in the end we can't take care of single destinies, if the majority is voting for something else. Also keep in mind that we need some kind of preperation time.

2. Rules

You can find the complete rule book here.


Iff there are further questions, feel free to leave us a comment below or write us in teamspeak (server ip:

HCL admin team

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